Design School


Evaluating Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Group: Behavioural Safety Research Group

Project: Development of a new methodology to evaluate the safety effects of advanced driver assistance systems and verification using Electronic Stability Control systems



There is an urgent need with any new vehicle safety system to obtain feedback on the real-world performance, which may be quite different from earlier laboratory trials. However it typically takes several years for a new system to penetrate the vehicle fleet in sufficient numbers to support rigorous effectiveness measures. This methodology brings together accident data from seven countries in a common format and applies a new, coordinated induced exposure method to provide a single effectiveness estimate. The system was used to evaluate the effectiveness of ESC with the final result that in the UK the use of ESC resulted in a 27% reduction in crashes on rural roads and motorways in dry weather and a 40% reduction in wet weather.

The report has been used as the basis to integrate requirements for Electronic Stability Control systems within the EuroNCAP test protocols. 

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