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Tom Lackenby

Tom Lackenby

Industrial Design & Technology BA

How do you feel about being selected to exhibit at New Designers?

Exhibiting at New Designers is a great honour. The works of previous New Designers has been a continuous source of inspiration to me and I feel very privileged to be exhibiting alongside other talented designers. I hope that my work will encourage and motivate other young designers within the school.

What has been your favourite thing about studying Design at Loughborough?

Working alongside other young, passionate designers has been an incredible experience and one that has driven my development into a rounded and ambitious designer.

What have you gained from The Design School experience?

The ability to approach problems creatively in order to reach an innovative solution.

Have you felt supported by the School and the staff during your time here? If yes, how have they supported you?

Staff are always willing to help and offer sound advice based upon industry experience. Technical staff are incredibly helpful in their ability to offer solutions to prototyping even the most complex of forms.

What are you hoping to do after graduation?

To progress in the world of design and continue to build on the skills that I have acquired at university and on placement. I am particularly interested in prototyping and model-making for products that provide solutions to improve daily life.

What advice would you give to people aspiring to study Design at university?

Stay keen and creative. Design is such an integral part of daily life that inspiration is never far away. Look around every day and find something that inspires you.

What is your favourite part of the design process?

Prototyping is an aspect of design that I enjoy the most because it provides an opportunity to bring life to my designs. Model making is another skill that I have particularly enjoyed developing over the duration of the course.

Which modules have you most enjoyed studying over the course? Which projects (other than FYDP) have you been most proud of?

The Sustainability Module gave me the chance to practice my design skills in a complete project while learning and honing the design to maximise its sustainable credentials, which is an important aspect of all design.