Design School


Robin Spicer

Industrial Design & Technology BA

"Staff at Loughborough have such a board range of skills and experience – as a student you can rely on their advice, expertise and knowledge throughout the years."

What have you gained from The Design School experience?

It's a competitive environment that pushes the close-knit School design family to be its best, whilst providing a firm foundation of skills and knowledge in order to be ready for industry. 

What is your best memory of your time at the School?

Champagne showers outside The Design School post Final Year Design Project hand-in at 5 o’clock! 

What are you hoping to do after graduation?

Post-graduation, I am hoping to travel for a while and take a well-earned break from design – then it will be back to the grindstone! 


Robin is currently working as an Industrial Designer for DCA

Do you hope to pursue a career in design? What industry interests you?

After undertaking a four year course in design there is no doubt that I will pursue a career in design! I hope to gain as much industry experience as possible, either in consultancy or in-house design. 

What is your favourite part of the design process?

100% admiring my finished work! It is what design is all about – having a 3D product that solves a real-life problem.  

Do you favour particular design style / direction? Organic? Geometric? Or do you have a particular designer that inspires your style?

Inspiration in the modern world is always at our fingertips thanks to the internet, so to say one specific style or designer inspires me would be a lie. New directions and styles offer great opportunities to push boundaries and challenge the norm, leading to innovative products that can help improve general lifestyle. The hard part is spotting them at the right time!   

I enjoy using plastics the most – injection moulding and industrial design have arguably moved hand-in-hand since Lego first created their products. With recent advancements in 3D CAD, there is so much room for form and function to create beautiful, long-lasting and useful designs.   

Which modules have you most enjoyed doing over the course?

Undertaking a placement at FSW Design, a design consultancy in Nottingham, provided me with great industry experience that put me in a great position for final year. It proved its worth during the Live Projects module, as I knew I could trust the skills learnt during my placement to complete high quality work by a set deadline. My project was recognised by other companies within the design industry, too.