Design School


Qiu Song

Ergonomics & Human Factors MSc

"My experience and qualification from Loughborough will be impressive to employers. "

Who are you?

My name is Qiu Song.  I am from China.

What was your undergraduate degree?

Applied Psychology, China, Zhejiang Sci-tech University.

Why did you choose Loughborough?

My supervisor in China had academic connections with Loughborough University and spoke highly of it. He advised that I consider Loughborough for my Master’s course – after comparing it with others, I decided that Loughborough’s curriculum was best for me. 

I arrived at the University around 15th August and there were a few students already there. I really enjoyed the relaxed feel of the campus and I was impressed by the large areas of green. The sports facilities are brilliant and this year I have finally learned to swim – thank you, Loughborough swimming pool!

The Design School is so beautiful and the facilities inside are amazing. Even when I am not in lectures or classes I often stay at the School to complete my coursework. My favourite classroom is the open area on second floor.

How did you fund your studies?

My fees are subsidised by my parents and I also gained a scholarship that covers about 25% of tuition. 

What did you enjoy about your programme?

The atmosphere during classes was great and the content of the course combines theory with daily life. There is a lot of teamwork involved during this year which has helped me to get used to group cooperation – I didn’t have much experience of this before so it has been valuable to me. 

What was your favourite module, and why?

Almost all modules have final coursework at the end. These have included:

  • Designing a control panel for colour coating
  • Chernobyl disaster analysis
  • Analysis of a dynamic task considering anatomical, anthropometric, physiological, biomechanical and postural elements
  • Assessment of a workplace environment with equipment and give a report
  • Data analysis of a household task (including observation, interview and questionnaire)
  • Critical assessment of Tesco (accessibility, usability and acceptability)
  • Design and prototype of a user interface for an application (booking theatre tickets)

My favourite coursework was the UI group design, as I really learnt a lot during this task. We carried this project out from scratch and it helped my understanding of the kind of problems encountered during initial design stages and how to avoid them. I also really enjoyed working as a team with some of my friends from the course. 

How would you describe the study environment & support?

The teaching is high quality; staff have lots of experience and knowledge that can be learnt and used in the real-world, which allows for an accessible and exciting teaching style.

It is great that presentations and hand-outs are available for download ahead of class – as English is not my first language, it is helpful that I can familiarise myself with new specialised vocabulary beforehand.

When it comes to facilities the Design School has always met my requirements. 

We are able to book personal appointments with tutors, which helped me a lot with my study. In the University library, staff always helped me with searching for articles online. The student support centre also gave me a lot of help with police registration and my travel visa application. 

What was a typical day for you?

Class usually started at 9am, so I liked to have a cup of tea beforehand to wake me up! We had a 10 minute break at around 10:30 and then class continued until around noon.

At lunchtime I would go home to make noodles or buy a sandwich in the canteen and have lunch with my classmates.

Afternoon class usually resumed in the early afternoon and we would finish at around 17:00, with another 10 minute break in between.  

What do you hope to do in the future?

I will apply for a job in Ergonomics in China. Since this field is a developing one in China, my MSc from Loughborough will give my applications powerful support – Ergonomics is a more mature field in the UK and my experience and qualification from Loughborough will be impressive to employers. The Ergonomics course at Loughborough University is very reputable and will be recognised by others with a background in this field. Also, it goes without saying that spending a year in an English-speaking environment is a bonus point for my language skills.