Design School


Holly Freemantle

Industrial Design & Technology BA

" Industrial Design opens doors to many other areas of design: you will learn skills in prototyping, graphic design, CAD and so much more, so there is potential to transfer those skills into other fields."

What have you gained from The Design School experience?

The main thing I have gained from The Design School experience is friendship. As you work in such tight groups, you get to meet nearly everyone on your course – spending time with them on projects leads to multiple friendships and a close-knit year. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed all the modules that involved prototyping, as I love to see the evolution of a product in its physical form. For this reason, I have particularly enjoyed the Final Year Design Practice module, as you can apply all the skills you have learnt into one self-driven project.

What is your best memory of your time at the School?

There are a lot of them but I particularly enjoyed joining the extracurricular design events, such as the Deloitte Digital UXathon day and the Global Studio weekend. These events involved working with experts in the industry and gave a great insight into teamwork and fast innovation. 

What are you hoping to do after graduation?

I am travelling over to New Zealand where I hope to work in Industrial Design, before returning to the UK to further my career.

Do you hope to pursue a career in design? What industry interests you?

Yes, I hope to work in Industrial Design. I enjoyed working with vacuum cleaners on placement; it is amazing how much design goes into one product! I would also like to expand into other industries.

What advice would you give to people aspiring to study design at university?

Loughborough is a great place to study design, with the new building providing all the facilities you need. There are so many other people with the same interests as you and taking a Design course, it is an opportunity to make lifelong friends. Make sure that your chosen area of design is right for you – read the modules and make sure they interest you. Industrial Design opens doors to many other areas of design: you will learn skills in prototyping, graphic design, CAD and so much more, so there is potential to transfer those skills into other fields.

What is your favourite part of the design process?

I thoroughly enjoy the innovation of product ideas, coming up with new ways of solving problems. Alongside this I love prototyping, creating something to represent your ideas and being able to physically gauge user opinion on your design. 

What is your favourite design style?

I think it’s important to embrace all styles of design into development as each project varies and so requires a different approach. Utilising brand DNA or creating your own from objects that inspire you are most important. I would have to say that Pinterest has most definitely been a source of inspiration!

I particularly enjoy working with wood. It’s quick and easy to prototype and can provide a brilliant finish. The variety in wood also allows for different styles of prototyping – whether rough-and-ready or presentable model. 

Which modules have you most enjoyed doing over the course?

I enjoyed working on the prototyping modules in first year and Design & Manufacuting Technologies in second year. Both practiced skills in prototyping, with Design & Manufacturing Technologies being a module that many other universities don’t focus as much on. This provided an insight into design for manufacture and actually gave me the knowledge to secure my placement year at Numatic International Ltd. I was proud of CURA, my Industrial Design Studies 3 final year Industrial Design Studies work, as the product provided a solution to a real world problem. The research stage of this project allowed me to identify such problems and enable the design of a solution that could actually help lives.