Design School


Alex Crocker

Ergonomics & Human Factors MSc

"I chose Loughborough for its great reputation in Ergonomics and for the opportunity to be taught by some of the leading researchers in the field."

Who are you?

My name is Alex Crocker.  I am from Woking, Surrey. 

What was your undergraduate degree?

I studied BA (Hons) Human Resources Management with Psychology at Portsmouth

Why did you choose Loughborough?

I chose Loughborough for its great reputation in Ergonomics and for the opportunity to be taught by some of the leading researchers in the field.  The University has a great reputation for Ergonomics – when I saw the Design School first hand I knew had I to study there!

How did you fund your studies?

I received financial support from parents.

What did you enjoy about your programme?

I enjoyed the huge variety of subjects that we covered and the diversity of people on the course – everybody came from a different background.

What was your favourite module, and why?

My favourite module was Human Computer Interaction (HCI). We had to design a website and carry out usability testing, then make adjustments according to user feedback. It was a great introduction to a fascinating area.

How would you describe the study environment & support?

Teaching quality is very good and the facilities are excellent. I particularly like that the computer lab in the Design School is open 24/7 and there are usually people there during term time, even at 3am!

I had great support whenever I needed it and the School were great in helping me get an MSc project in a real working environment, which was excellent and exactly what I was looking for. 

What was a typical day for you?

The structure of the teaching meant that 1 week in 4 was intensive lectures, so I was pretty busy in those weeks. When I wasn't in lectures or working I would be training in the gym, going to breakdancing classes or taking salsa lessons. There is plenty to do and I did most of my work at the Design School in the evening – it's open all night so I could work from 4pm - 2am if I wanted.

What do you hope to do in the future?

I hope to work in User Experience research, which I've found to be a fascinating area. I've had a few interviews already and I've been offered a place on a graduate programme. Unfortunately I decided it would be too far to travel every day, so I turned it down. The MSc at Loughborough has been instrumental in getting me those interviews and giving me the mind-set I need to tackle challenges in User Experience. That fact that most people in the field don’t have this skill will give me an advantage, as I offer something different.


Alex is currently working as a UX Research Consultant for UserZoom.


What would you say to someone who was thinking about studying Ergonomics at Loughborough?

I would say if you want a career in Ergonomics, or something related, then go for it! Ergonomics can take you into many different and varied fields, so don't worry if you're not exactly sure what you want to do at the end of it. I wasn't sure either, but it's awesome to have such a wide choice! 

What did you do when you weren't studying?

There are a huge range of clubs and groups you can join at Loughborough – a lot of them are sport but they also cover many other things, too. I did breakdancing and salsa and enjoyed them both a lot. The guys at breakdancing are really cool and friendly – we had a lot fun!

How would you summarise your experience?

I enjoy studying a really interesting and diverse topic whilst also being part of a university that takes health and fitness seriously.