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Adam Folwell

Adam Folwell

Industrial Design & Technology BA

"The Design School facilities are unparalleled by any other educational institute that I have seen. This makes life as a design student so much easier as you very rarely have to compromise on ideas when everything is there at your fingertips."

What have you gained from The Design School experience?

I have gained a much greater understanding of what it takes to create good design, from sketching, prototyping and testing to listening, discussion and observation. Studying at Loughborough has helped me realise that the perfect execution of one thing alone will not create good design – the strength of a project must be spread across all areas to achieve success.

What is your best memory of your time at The Design School?

Generally, my best memories are of the camaraderie and friendship between students at the School. It is exceedingly rare for such a large group of students studying the same/similar degrees to interact so closely with each other. The resulting atmosphere is friendly, creative and a pleasure to work in.

Have you felt supported by the School and the staff during your time here? If yes, how have they supported you?

The experience and support on offer at The Design School is exemplary, especially from the technical staff whose hardworking and generous spirits have helped me on numerous occasions. The lecturers also have great waves of industry knowledge that are invaluable.

What are you hoping to do after graduation?

I hope to try my hand at different forms of design in a professional setting, probably outside of the product/industrial design sector. I’d like to build on the skills that I have already learnt at Loughborough.

Do you hope to pursue a career in design? What industry interests you?

Yes, very much so. I have always had a particular interest in production/set design and would love the opportunity to work on a film set again, as I have done very briefly in the past. Designing footwear has always been another dream of mine and I would again relish the opportunity to do so in the future.

What advice would you give to people aspiring to study design at university?

I’d say they need to ensure that they are passionate about the subject – it is very hard work at times and it can be demoralising if you lose sight of your goal. I would also recommend staying in touch with what’s going on in the design world outside of university, as it helps to improve what you’re doing in academic study.

What is your favourite part of the design process?

I love the ideation process the most, particularly when working in a group as it’s always so interesting to see how other people’s minds work when presented with the same problem. I also enjoy seeing a design realised in its physical form – there’s nothing quite like seeing something you once scribbled down on a piece of paper come to life.

What is your favourite design style?

I usually prefer clean, fresh, simple styles to those that are more energetic and loud, but I believe it’s important for designers to adapt and be open to new influences. It may happen one day that a favoured style is not the most applicable for a particular project or solution.

Which modules have you most enjoyed doing over the course? Which projects (other than FYDP) have you been most proud of?

I really enjoyed Design Week this year as we had some incredibly interesting and varied briefs that were presented by big name companies such as Seymour Powell and Logitech. I also liked the challenge of completing a design task in a week, as it provided a new and interesting direction.

Another model I really enjoyed this year was User Experience design where we were tasked with designing an app for the connected home. I liked it mainly because it was something that I’d never had the chance to try before, so it was a good opportunity to widen my skillset within emerging areas of the design world.