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Tom Lackenby

Tom Lackenby

Industrial Design & Technology BA

Final Year Design Project - Eden

Eden is an indoor, aeroponic growing system for salad leaves and herbs. It is a compact device designed to allow users to grow a variety of fresh salad leaves and herbs for home consumption.

Eden removes the need for a soil growing medium and instead bathes roots in a nutrient rich mist that is easily absorbed by the plants, stimulating the rate of growth. The combination of accelerated growth and a rotating plant bed means that there is always a continuous crop of fresh produce for the user.

Whilst spending a year in Singapore I became aware of how many people live in apartments with no access to gardens or other facilities needed to grow produce. This inspired me to create a solution that would allow city dwellers to grow their own herbs and salads for cooking and consumption.

The unique rotating bed feature ensures that leaves are continuously cropped, whilst an ultrasonic fog is used to provide nutrients to the roots that are easily absorbed to stimulate growth. Red, blue and green light is utilised to maximise the growth of plants at different stages of their development.