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Adam Folwell

Adam Folwell

Industrial Design & Technology BA

Final Year Design Project - Cycle Safe

It is an area that I am interested in and I’m passionate about designing products that improve the lives of others. The final year design practice module presented me with an ideal opportunity to achieve these goals and create a fully formed product solution.

Cycle Safe increases user safety in three key ways:

Explore: Using the satellite navigation system fixed to the bicycle handlebars, the user is able to explore the often unfamiliar streets of London without the need to stop and look for directions. This increases user concentration by removing the distraction of seeking direction.

Signal: Rear mounted LED indicators inform other road users of the rider’s intentions. When prompted by onscreen instructions, the user operates these signals through buttons situated on the handlebars of the bike. This further encourages focus on the road and enables others to behave more safely in the rider’s vicinity.

Warn: The system assess the user’s journey for common cycling black spots, providing alternative routes that are dependent on requirement. In addition to this, onscreen alerts inform the rider of potential dangers en route. These aim to improve rider confidence and awareness whilst encouraging safer behaviour from both the rider and other road users. The product will be constructed from poly carbonate plastic due to its durability and toughness. The prototype is made from nylon and was created through 3D printing.