Computer Science

Undergraduate study

Scott Campbell

"The computer labs have a very open atmosphere, where anyone on the course can work whilst chatting to friends in a relaxed environment"

Scott Campbell

Year of Study



MSci (Hons)


Why did you choose this course?

I have always been passionate about technology and business, so the course choice was a perfect fit. The course layout provides a great merge of the two subjects, and gives a great understanding of how they work together.

What attracted you to Loughborough University?

The course offered at Loughborough University offered a much greater learning opportunity than any other university. After performing extensive research, Loughborough University seemed like the obvious choice for many reasons. These include the course content itself as well as other factors such as the university’s close links with the industry.

What do you enjoy most about your course?

The thing I most enjoy about my course is that it has provided me with a new insight into the industry, allowing me to approach many businesses with the skills that they desire.

What do you think of the teaching quality?

Every lecture provides something new and interesting, and the lecturers all try very hard to make them as interesting and straight-forward as possible.

What has been your favourite module?

Team projects allows you to work in a group to produce a fully working system for a real-life client. This module utilises a huge variety of skills and can be really enjoyable. It has also been very useful when applying for placements, as many businesses are very interested in this module.

What support have you had from the University?

The department has provided substantial support to me whilst I was looking for a placement year. The Careers and Employability Centre looked over my CV and provided me with constructive feedback, as well as providing me with a vast catalogue of placement opportunities aimed at students on my particular course. This help proved to be very useful as finding a placement was easy and pain-free!

Describe a typical day on your course

I usually have 3-4 lectures each day, with a tutorial most days. This means I have lots of free time to read around the course and meet with friends. I often meet with my course friends in the computer labs where we study and complete coursework together. The computer labs have a very open atmosphere where anyone on the course can come and complete work whilst chatting to friends in a relaxed environment.

Do you plan to do a professional placement?

I will be completing my placement year next year, and due to the close ties that Loughborough University has with employers, finding a placement was an easy, pain-free process. This was also made even easier thanks to the support received from the department when applying for placements.

What do you hope to do when you graduate?

I hope to get a graduate job after my degree in the technology industry, and a degree from Loughborough University is very prestigious in the industry. This will hopefully enable me to breeze through the application process and find the best graduate job.

What would you say to someone considering studying your course?

Definitely apply! It’s been the most rewarding decision of my life, and I cannot imagine being anywhere else.

What do you think of the social activities on campus?

Loughborough University offers a massive range of extra-curricular activities for all kinds of people. I have personally joined the Trampoline club which has been an amazing experience, where beginners and elite athletes can train together providing helpful support and training to one another.

What do you enjoy most about being a student here?

I have most enjoyed studying what I love. The course has allowed me to expand my knowledge of a subject which I am passionate about, and has made me really excited to finish my degree and use this knowledge.

What do you find inspiring about Loughborough University?

Loughborough University allows students from all walks of life to achieve their full potential. There are opportunities around every corner enabling you to experience university outside of your course.