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Zhenyu Chen (Internet Computing and Network Security MSc graduate, PhD student)

Loughborough University has a very good reputation among students. It has a very good academic atmosphere, and the location of the University is also very nice and friendly, as I preferred a small town to a large city in terms of study.

I chose to come here because of some friends who came to the University before I did. I also found out about Loughborough from information in online communities such as forums.

Studying here, the biggest difficulty, at first, was the language barrier. Then, after that I believe, there is the difference between education approach, and potential gaps between our educational background, knowledge and the expectation of lecturers.

But at Lougborough you get great weather and a good environment, meeting and working with people from different parts of the world. The facilities are wonderful. There are both great academic facilities such as the library and the new computer labs, and sport facilities such as swimming pool and gym. The teaching is good, as most of the modules are very well designed and make good use of the facilities we have. There is a good combination of more theoretical modules and more practical modules.

I am a PhD student at the moment, and I plan to work in the academic area after I get my degree. My MSc experience here not only directly contributes to my current work academically, but also grants me personal experience as a student, which I believe to be very helpful if I need to design a new module or teach an existing one in future.

To anyone thinking of coming to Loughborough to study, I would say that a one-year MSc course can be quite intense, but if you prepare yourself and work hard, you will learn a lot in a relatively short time and it will be a great experience in your life as well.