Computer Science

Postgraduate taught

Udoka Ezealor

“The course’s technical depth, relevance and quality of tutelage are of a high standard that I believe employers will value.”

Udoka Ezealor

Year of Study





Information Technology


Why did you choose to do your degree at Loughborough?

I chose to do my degree at Loughborough because of various reasons. I found they had an excellent curriculum and module content for Information Technology course, and the University and department were ranked well in the relevant research field, with good links to industry.

It meant that I would have the opportunity to learn and interact with highly regarded professionals in the field and have the opportunity to work on things that have real world application and impact. As well, the campus environment looked green, natural and relaxing, which I felt was ideal for academic stimulation.

What undergraduate course did you study and where?

I studied BEng Agricultural Engineering in Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria.

What do you enjoy most about your degree?

I enjoy the quality of tuition; it has been at a good technical depth and the learning facilities and equipment are very good and fit for purpose. I also enjoyed the international feel of the University with the mix of people from different nationalities.

What do you think of the teaching quality and facilities?

All staff I came across in my department were very friendly, approachable and always willing to offer support when needed.  The teaching and research facilities were very good and fit for purpose.

What kind of exciting things do you get to do on your course?

I got to build (on real networking equipment) autonomous systems designed to illustrate a network of internet service providers (ISPs) on the Internet. It was a good experience to build the network from scratch using real networking equipment. It helped develop knowledge and understanding of relevant software and configuration of necessary protocols and policies.

Also because I had little programming background prior to my MSc IT programme, it was an exciting challenge to do projects such as program a sudoku game and build an internationalised website.   

What would you say to someone considering studying your degree?

The MSc IT programme at Loughborough is a very good bridge for anyone who wants an IT conversion degree. Its technical depth, relevance and quality of tutelage are of a high standard that I believe employers will value. You will most surely get the best out of this programme with sustained enthusiasm and considerable willingness to learn.

What support have you had from the University?

The Student Accommodation Centre was very helpful in securing an accommodation for me prior to my arrival.

The careers and employability have also been very helpful. The organisation of different events (skills sessions, employer presentations, online assessment tips) is a great way to identify and improve your marketable skills and an avenue for networking. 

What do you think of the social atmosphere on campus?

Loughborough has a very vibrant student community and there are a lot of societies to choose from.  You could even start your own unique society! I am a member of the Nigerian Society and will hope to join the Gardening Society. I have found the atmosphere at Loughborough generally friendly and clubs and societies are a great way to meet new people and have fun.

What do you enjoy most about being a student here?

There are a lot of things to enjoy about Loughborough University. The environment is quite beautiful with large green areas. Staff are friendly and the student support services are great. The sporting facilities are amazing! Lastly, I enjoyed the good quality of teaching and research and I am proud of its respectable academic reputation. 

What do you hope to do when you graduate?

When I graduate, I hope to carry on to do a PhD if funding can be secured. I believe the technical depth and quality of my IT degree at Loughborough put me in a good position for this. I also believe the independent research skills and other soft skills I have further developed during my degree will be desirable to employers. 

How has Loughborough University inspired you?

I have been greatly inspired by two lecturers during my degree. The first being Olaf Mannael; he is very easy to talk to and bustling with great ideas. His wealth of knowledge in networking/security has been very motivational. Secondly, Firat Batmaz; he has inspired me to develop an affinity to modelling. They have been my inspiration to want to carry out work on security threat modelling.