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Niraj Doshi

Niraj, a graduate of the Department of Computer Science talks us through his journey, what initially attracted him to Loughborough University and his thoughts on being an international student at a UK university.

What programme did you study?

I studied Digital Imaging, Computer Graphics and Vision (2009-2010).

Why did you choose Loughborough for your MSc?

I think my first concern was about what the course contains and I came to know about the University by word-of-mouth publicity. I found the facilities and teaching at Loughborough excellent. The studying environment was not restricted by time constraints - 24 hour access to labs (and also, at key points in the year, the library) helped a lot.

The MSc course helped me to build a career in the image processing field.

What sort of support did you receive to help you adjust to living and studying in the UK?

During my induction lecture, I came to know about the Student Support Centre and it helped me in my visa process after finishing my MSc. I have had a very nice experience with the people at the University.

Were there any challenges in living and studying in the UK?

For me, I was okay with everything. But there can be some culture shocks for new students and the University provides proper help in such situations.

What did you like best about living and studying in the UK?

I like the true international exposure we get in UK and highly impressed by introduction to new technologies in academic syllabus. Loughborough is a great place to study, with all the facilities available on the same campus. Loughborough is a quiet place, but close enough to cities like Leicester and Nottingham when you want to enjoy city life.

What did you enjoy most about your studies?

MSc was the period when I was learning about UK and familiarising myself to this country - so it was all very exciting for me. With regards to studies, I like my dissertation period as I was actually working on a real life application and got the experience of collaborative work between the University and industry. I like the truly international exposure you get in the UK and was highly impressed by the introduction of new technologies in the academic syllabus.