Computer Science

Postgraduate taught

Doug Taylor

Doug Taylor

Computer Science MSc graduate

After studying BEng Electronic and Computer Systems Engineering at Loughborough University, I worked for a year in the broadcast industry, but returned to Loughborough to study my MSc.

The course sharpened and developed my technical skills, enabling me to pursue my interest in image processing and computational photography. In particular the modules covering image processing in Matlab have been vital to my success in my current employment.

With Loughborough staff being so well connected in industry, I had the opportunity to do my MSc project in collaboration with a worldwide leading provider of camera processing technology.

Since graduating in 2009, I have been working as a Senior Imaging Researcher. I’m responsible for the development of advanced image processing algorithms for cameras and displays.

It’s a job that takes me all over the world – including China, Japan and the United States – as I work closely with our global customers to integrate and support our technology.

The course, staff and the whole department have opened the door for me to work on the cutting edge of this exciting industry, for which I will always be grateful.