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5 June 2015

Security for Internet of Things

Presented By Dr Sushmita Ruj, Assistant Professor, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, India
  • 1.30pm
  • N.3.22, Haslegrave Building

About this event

Abstract: Recent advancement in communication technology and embedded systems, have given rise to a new technology: Internet of Things, IoT. With the increase in the number of devices communicating with each other and personal information being shared, security and privacy of IoT has become important. Computation and data are being outsourced to clouds posing challenges in computation, security, and auditing. Current crytographic techniques are not adequate to address the security and privacy concerns. I will talk about the recent work done in our team on authentication of devices and data, access control, privacy and anonymization techniques in IoT. Since many cryptographic solutions are computation intensive, I will talk about possible lightweight solutions for mobile devices.