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9 April 2014

Faces, objects and landscapes: Modeling reality with controlled and uncontrolled measurements

Presented By Dr Abjijeet Ghosh, Imperial College London
  • N.1.12, Haslegrave Building

About this event

Abstract: In this talk, I will present some recent work in appearance modeling that spans the gamut from hightly controlled measurements with specialised illumination setups such as Light Stage for faces and objects to completely uncontrolled measurements in the form of photographs found on the web for natural landscapes. For faces, I will present techniques developed at the USC Institute for Creative Technologies for rapid facial capture with controlled lighting conditions using a Light Stage. Furthermore, I will present how modeling "micro-scale" facial geometry and reflectance can further increase realism in renderings beyond current facial scanning techniques. For objects, I will present how using spherical illumination from various setups can allow us to recover several reflectance parameters including specular roughness. I will also present a recently developed acquisition setup that allows us to capture very shiny objects that were up till now extremely hard to digitise. Finally, I will present some recent work on using single input images of natural landscapes to create renderings from novel viewpoints and under novel lighting conditions.