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2 May 2012

Data Visualization: What is it good for?

Presented By Dr Bob Laramee, Department of Computer Science, Swansea University
  • 3.00pm
  • N112, Haslegrave Building

About this event

Abstract: With the advancement of data storage technologies and the ever-decreasing costs of hardware, our ability to store data is unprecedented. However, a large gap remains between our ability to collect and store data and our ability to derive knowledge from it. Data visualiztion exploits our most powerful sense, vision, in order to derive knowledge and gain insight into large, multi-variate data sets that describe complicated and often time- dependent events. This talk provides a brief introduction to the subject of data visualization, its strengths, weaknesses, and, goals. We also describe a selection of inter-disciplinary projects where visualization is used to address fundamental questions-the answers of which we hope to discover in various large, complex, and time-dependent phenomena.