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9 May 2011

Proposed Directions in Observer Performance Research

Presented By Professor Dev Chakraborty, University of Pittsburgh, USA
  • 3.00pm
  • Room N225, Haslegrave

About this event

Abstract: Observer performance studies are widely used in medical imaging to assess imaging systems. The purpose of this talk is to suggest some directions for research in this area. The current paradigms, namely the receiver operating characteristic (ROC), the free-response ROC (FROC), the location ROC (LROC) and the region of interest (ROI), will be reviewed. All paradigms represent laboratory studies and there is a need for methodology to assess the clinical relevance of each paradigm - this would address the problem that a laboratory simulation of a clinical task cannot duplicate all factors affecting clinical interpretations. There is a need for realistic data simulators for each paradigm - this would allow simulation based assessment of proposed methods of analyzing the data. There is a need to study the correlation of eye-position and observer performance data derived quantities - this would serve to validate the observer models on which the data simulators are based, and lead to better models of human vision in detection tasks. Preliminary progress in some of the areas will be reviewed.