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2 November 2011

At the verge of change - How High-end Visualisation drives industrial decision-making

Presented By Ms Cornelia Denk, Realtime Technology AG, Germany
  • 3.00pm
  • A234, Schofield Building

About this event

Abstract: Beyond the film and gaming industry, High Performance Graphics has found it's way into industrial decision-making processes on a broad scale - from the first design up to the point of sale.
These industry applications, however, come with a different set of challenges:
- Where to draw the line between high performance visualisation and simulation?
- How to digitise and render real, physical samples efficiently
- How to find the balance between required process optimisation and freedom of creativity?
- How to combine different specialised algorithms to meet divergent requirements?
- Which new data models and asset standards have to be developed as a result?
I will give you insight on how to solve these challenges and share our vision about opportunities to take high performance visualization to the next level of enterprise applications.