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13 Apr 2015

PERFORMS - Improving the detection of breast cancer

Our PERFORMS scheme has been nominated by the University for an Enterprise Award for Social and Cultural Impact which we hope to encourage you to vote for us.  

What is PERFORMS?  Well, some time ago, Professor Alastair Gale developed the world's first self-assessment and training scheme in radiology (called PERFORMS).  This has been implemented across the UK Breast Screening Programme for over 25 years now and every UK radiologist involved in screening undertakes this PERORMS scheme twice a year.  The scheme presents radiologists with very difficult breast cancer cases and measures their skills in accurately identifying abnormalities.  This process then helps them to develop their skills to be able to spot breast cancer at its earliest and so makes it much more likely that women can receive the best treament option.  Over the years the scheme has been radically changed and updated and is now a cloud based system which will shortly be internationally available.  The social impact of the scheme is enormous in that it affects the lives of over 2 million women a year in the UK and ultimately affects every woman over the age of 50 years.

If you would like to vote for our PERFORMS project, please do so here at:

You can read more about PERFORMS and what we do at: