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Professor Malcolm Heggie

Photo of Professor Malcolm Heggie

Professor in Chemistry

Malcolm Heggie obtained a Physics and Chemistry Combined Honours degree from Exeter University, followed at the same institution by a PhD in Theoretical Physics (Solid State) under Dr Bob Jones. In the ensuing five years he worked as a postdoctoral fellow with Dr Jones on dislocations and plasticity in silicon and quartz, including periods as CNRS Chercheur Associé au CNRS in Grenoble with Prof. François Louchet and Gästforskarer in Umeå with Prof. Arne Claesson. 

This was followed by independent research in graphite (with Brian Kelly, UKAEA, and Mike Tucker, CEGB), in ice and quartz (as NERC Special Fellow), and in semiconductors becoming SERC Advanced Fellow in 1990 within Computer Science at Exeter University.

In 1996 he moved to an academic position in Chemistry at University of Sussex, a privilege which meant working with Professor John Murrell FRS and Prof Sir Harry Kroto, FRS Nobel Laureate, as well as other eminent chemists. 

  • Computational materials modelling
  • Chemical physics,
  • Dislocations chemistry applied to old and new carbons (fullerenes, nanotubes, graphene, graphite, diamond)
  • Semiconductors and minerals
  • PhD supervision
  • Research