Catalysis and Functional Molecules

The Catalysis and Functional Molecules research group is a multi-disciplinary team based in Chemistry that works across campus, and with industrial and academic partners outside the university. The group’s research work involves the development of new catalytic methods and reaction chemistries to develop novel functional molecules with real applications in health and materials science.

The group conducts high quality research ranging from fundamental studies on the properties and performance of new catalysts, to real-life challenges such as the development of new compounds for medicinal or materials chemistry. Research is driven, for example, by the need to combat increasing drug resistance, and aims to develop new antibiotics, new anti-inflammatory compounds, and potential anti-cancer agents. New materials including compounds for organoelectronic, agrochemical and fire safety applications are also under investigation. We aim to tackle real-life problems by working closely with bioscientists, engineers and our industrial partners.

Research Programme Leader: Dr George Weaver