Postgraduate research

Paul Brack

Photo of  Paul Brack

PhD Research Student

  • Date of start of studies 1 October 2013
  • Supervisors: Dr Sandie Dann & Professor Upul Wijayantha
  • Research areas: Materials chemistry, hydrogen generation

Paul began his postgraduate studies in the Department of Chemistry at Loughborough University under the supervision of Dr Sandie Dann and Professor Upul Wijayantha in October 2013. His PhD project is funded by the EPSRC and Intelligent Energy Ltd.

The principal goal of his project is to develop an environmentally benign system which can efficiently produce high purity hydrogen under mild conditions for use with a portable PEM fuel cell. Paul was awarded a Scholarship by the SCI in 2014 and won the Loughborough University Graduate School Research Student Prize in 2016.

In recent years, Paul has enjoyed success in various writing and science communication competitions, winning prizes in 7 of them during his PhD studies, including the RSC Chemistry World Science Communication Competition in March 2015.

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