Postgraduate research

Matthew Healey

Photo of  Matthew Healey

PhD Research Student

  • Start date of studies: 01 July 2015
  • Supervisors: Dr Mark Platt & Dr Sarabjit Mastana
  • Research areas: Nanotechnologies, Aptamers, Prion Diseases

I graduated from Loughborough University with a MChem degree in Chemistry, where my final year project investigated the extraction of DNA from the vernonia plant using traditional and commercial methods. From this project I developed an interest in the use of DNA to detect disease.

I am now undertaking a PhD within the Platt Research Group, developing a blood based assay that can be used to screen for the fatal neurological diseases caused by the prion protein. The project focuses on the use of DNA aptamers and peptides coupled with tunable resistive pulse sensing (TRPS) to overcome this diagnostic challenge.

This project collaborates with scientist, and clinicians, at Peterborough City Hospital to ensure the assay and methodology is aligned with the end user in mind.