Postgraduate research

Laura Mayne

Photo of  Laura Mayne

PhD Research Student

Date of start of studies 1 October 2014
Supervisors Dr Mark Platt, Dr Steve Christie, Dr Nick Evans


During my final year project I was investigating the use of resistive pulse sensing to quantify DNA in solution. From this project I became interested in the field of nanotechnology and its various applications. I find the many applications of tunable resistive pulse sensors (TRPS) exciting along with the emerging possibilities of the technology. The use of TRPS and nanoparticles to detect and quantify radionuclides contaminants in solution is an exciting and novel field that I look forward to researching during my Ph.D.

  • Nanotechnology
  • Radiochemistry
  • Surface Chemistry

Project Name:

One step extraction and quantification of radionuclides using superparamagnetic bead and nanopore technologies