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Graduate profiles

Stephen Bradshaw

Process Control Engineer at Esso Petroleum Company

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Since graduating from Loughborough in 2006, and going on to work for Esso Petroleum Company Ltd, I've experienced many different aspects of the petrochemical world. I started as a Process Engineer, troubleshooting distillation towers and hydroprocessing units, to understand why they were operating in the way they were, and also how to optimise them in order to gain the few extra dollars that make the difference. I then moved into a Process Inspection Engineer role, inspecting the distillation towers when they were shut down, inspecting fractionation trays, liquid distributors and climbing inside many different types of vessels.

My current role is as a Process Control Engineer, simply tuning control loops, but on a much grander scale, designing, testing and building multi-variable controllers which optimise whole fractionation columns, improve the safety of specific equipment such as furnaces, and produce high grade materials for product pools.

When studying at Loughborough, I had the chance to meet a wide variety of people, and coupled with the superior department/industrial relationships, developed my interest in working for a large multinational petrochemicals company. The practical, hands-on experiences within all the lab exercises allowed me to develop my understanding of how equipment worked, and the excellent theoretical teaching, enabled me to achieve a good degree, and successfully progress into the engineering profession.

Jai Kollara

Process Control Engineer at Wockhardt

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Since graduating in 2009 I've been working as Process Engineer at Wockhardt which is a generic pharmaceutical manufacturing company in North East Wales.

I provide technical and management support to various processes during manufacture, inspection and packing. Since joining the organisation I've been involved in many different roles. Initially I was project coordinator between the manufacturing and finance department for issues relating to costing of products. I have also been involved in process reject analysis and making recommendations for process improvements. Along with the technical aspect I'm also involved in batch manufacture scheduling activities, reviewing documents to check if they comply with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and improving the efficiency of labour utilisation.

My time at Loughborough gave me the confidence required for my future endeavours. I had been part of committees and organising teams which enabled me to develop key skills such as team working, dealing with people and working under pressure, all of which I have used in my new career. These experiences provided by Loughborough meant I was well-prepared for the workplace and able to take a practical approach to real life situations.

Hannah Phipps

Operations Graduate at Tate & Lyle


I was first attracted to the Department by its excellent reputation and strong links with industry, and after attending an open day I became convinced that Loughborough was the university for me. The first two years gave me a very good understanding of the underlying theories of Chemical Engineering, but most importantly gave me the confidence to go out and spend time working in industry.

Finding a placement couldn't have been easier with a large number of companies approaching the university with positions and even coming into the Department to carry out interviews. I carried out my placement with BASF, working under the supervision of a Senior Process Engineer and within the technical department. I went on to do a summer placement for a computer simulation company, assisting in building a dynamic process simulation of BP’s largest gas export facility.

I spent my third year completing a research project at Palermo University in Italy. This was a fantastic experience and I received both an EU grant and free Italian lessons whilst there.

Having recently graduated I have spent the last five months working for Tate & Lyle Sugars in London. The Tate & Lyle Graduate Scheme provides the opportunity to spend the first year working alongside management and operators in sugar refining in order to gain a strong understanding of all areas of the process. After a period of time spent as a shift manager I will take on a full time position as a Process Engineer.

Ryan Worth

Development Engineer at ExxonMobil

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I completed a 5 year masters degree in Chemical Engineering at Loughborough University, which included a 1 year industrial placement at GlaxoSmithKline and a 6 month research placement at the University of Bologna in Italy.

On graduating I started a full time position with ExxonMobil, working as a development engineer at their Southampton refinery.

I am involved in a variety of engineering projects; improving our environmental performance by reducing energy consumption or minimising emissions, and increasing profits through unit expansions or product quality upgrades.

It's great to own some big projects which visibly impact the company's performance, while working alongside experienced and knowledgeable people who help me to develop the skills and understanding I need for future roles.


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