Chemical Engineering



Michael Forrester has a PhD in Condensed Matter Physics and Quantum Information. His work involves the study of nano-systems, applied acoustics, magnetism, chemical oscillators, two-dimensional materials, quantum devices, and biophysics. 

Current project:

"Ultrasonic propagation in complex media: correlated particle configurations and multiple dispersed phases" with Dr Valerie Pinfield

Recent publications:

  • DM Forrester, VJ Pinfield, Shear-mediated contributions to the effective properties of soft acoustic metamaterials including negative index, Scientific Reports, accepted (2015)
  • DM Forrester, Arrays of coupled chemical oscillators, Scientific Reports 5:16994 (2015)
  • DM Forrester, Self-assembled multi-ring formations of glutamine and a possible link to erythema gyratum repens, Medical Hypotheses 85:10-16 (2015)
  • DM Forrester, Confinement effects of levitons in a graphene cosmology laboratory, RSC Advances 5, 5442-5449 (2015)
  • DM Forrester, KE Kürten, FV Kusmartsev, Fractal metamaterials composed of electrically isolated π –rings, Science Letters 4, 133 (2015)

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