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Heema Unadkat

Studies of turbulent flows in multiphase chemical reactors

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Before starting my PhD at Loughborough University, I graduated from Imperial College London with an MEng in Chemical Engineering. I considered pursuing my studies at Loughborough University because I was well aware of its excellent reputation in the discipline and outside links with industry. Throughout my time at Loughborough, the quality of supervision and guidance that I have received has significantly exceeded my expectations.

My thesis title is 'Studies of turbulent flows in multiphase chemical reactors' and the applications of my research in industry makes it all the more real and interesting for me. My supervisors have always encouraged me to participate in research student competitions where I have received positive feedback, and to publish my work in academic journals which will no doubt benefit my performance at the viva examination.

The technicians within the department have also gone beyond their regular duties to ensure that I have access to all facilities, and are happy to spend time helping me get started when using new equipment.

Additionally, after taking some professional development courses which the University has to offer, I have been involved in teaching undergraduate students which has further supplemented the variety of skills I will take away with me when leaving Loughborough.

Erum Aamir

Model based control of crystallisation processes

profile research erum

After gaining my BSc in Chemical Engineering from the University of Engineering and Technology in Lahore, Pakistan, and then my MSc from The University of Manchester, I joined Loughborough University to start my PhD in research related to model based control of crystallisation processes. My research work is in collaboration with BASF and is also supported by EPSRC.

The department provides a friendly and open environment for research. The supervision standards are very high and regular supervisor-student meetings allow you to discuss your work with your supervisors and monitor your progress. There is also a very well equipped laboratory for research work, which includes state-of-the-art process technology.

The department has highly skilled technical staff, who are very helpful and supportive in the setup of new experimental rigs and development of new analytical techniques. I have also been given many opportunities to present my work at conferences and recently won the Young Researcher of the Year Award.

Mohd Rushdi Haji Abu Bakar

Experimental investigation of pharmaceutical crystallization processes

profile research rushdi

I decided to pursue a PhD at Loughborough because of the presence of highly reputable academic staff, who are well-known in my area of research and able to provide me with expert guidance and supervision. There is also the opportunity to interact with the R&D department of a multi-national pharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca, one of the Department's many industrial partners.

My PhD project involves the experimental investigation of pharmaceutical crystallization processes to develop better control in the production of pharmaceutical compounds. The outcomes of this project will help to reduce the time-to-market and enhance product quality by making new drugs available more quickly and at lower cost.

I have presented at several international conferences and so far have published three research papers in reputable journals.

The success of my research so far would not have been possible without the continuous support I have received from my supervisors, dedicated technical staff and operational research facilities in the Department. My time at Loughborough has been invaluable – I have realised my full potential, enhanced my research skills, set the direction of my future research and met many nice people.

Krystel Howard

Crystallization of pharmaceutical compounds

profile research krystel

I chose to study at Loughborough University because of its beautiful leafy green campus and friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

My PhD topic is focused on the crystallization of pharmaceutical compounds and the use of process analytical technology to monitor the process and obtain the desired crystal form. My PhD has links with a top pharmaceutical company (AstraZeneca) where I have carried out many of my experiments, allowing me to use top of the range equipment and gain industrial experience.

Regular meetings are arranged once a week with my two supervisors who provide support, encouragement and guidance towards my PhD. In addition to my PhD, I have supervised both A-level students in laboratory work and 2nd/3rd year Chemical Engineering students during tutorial sessions, which I have found rewarding.

After completing my PhD I aim to continue working in the field of research and development of pharmaceuticals, developing new ideas and medicines which will improve the quality of life of patients.


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