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MSc Advanced Chemical Engineering

Bin Dong

MSc Advanced Chemical Engineering with IT and Management

"I come from Tianjin which is one of the biggest cities in China. I graduated with a bachelor degree in Pharmaceutical Engineering from China Pharmaceutical University last year and I then decided to come to the UK to complete my Masters. I had four different UK universities in mind before I came here but the emphasis on IT and Management offered by the course at Loughborough was very appealing to me, as well as the University's excellent reputation for Chemical Engineering.

Loughborough has certainly lived up to my expectations so far – the atmosphere in the Department is very friendly and the range of state-of-the-art equipment available in the labs is impressive. As part of the course, I am doing a research project based on biochemistry where the aim is to increase the yield of bacteria through optimising the composition of the medium. As I have decided that I would like to apply to stay on at Loughborough to do a PhD, the skills I have gained through my project and throughout the course so far will definitely help with that and in my future career." Bin Dong


Keith Schou

MSc Advanced Chemical Engineering with IT and Management

"My undergraduate degree was in Chemical Engineering (BEng) from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. After graduating I found employment but unfortunately when the recession hit, I was made redundant along with many of my colleagues. I took the opportunity to do an MSc at Loughborough as it is one of the highest ranked Chemical Engineering departments in the UK. I decided an MSc would improve my employability in the increasingly competitive job market and it is also as a step towards achieving Chartered Engineer status.

I have enjoyed the Advanced Chemical Engineering with IT and Management course so far and have found it to be very different to my undergraduate degree. The course encourages self-study and teaches practical skills, rather than just theory. The Project Module allowed me to explore a more specialist area of interest - nano-scale effects transferred to macro-scale improvements, which is an area I find fascinating.

I would particularly recommend this course to those who find themselves in a variety of situations requiring business, management and chemical engineering skills, as well as specialist skills. As well as studying I have joined a University sports club and a society, with careful time management I have been able to enjoy my time at both." Keith Schou


Dorris Nekesa Khaemba

MSc Advanced Chemical Engineering with IT and Management

"I was born and grew up in Kenya and after graduating from high school, I went to do my undergraduate degree in Japan. I studied there for four years, graduating in 2011 with a BEng in Chemical Engineering. I decided to come to the UK to get my Masters degree and experience a different culture. I was keen to study a course that gave emphasis to IT and Business skills and as Loughborough has an excellent reputation for Chemical Engineering, it was the perfect choice.

So far the course has taught me a great deal. I have learnt how to think critically about manufacturing processes and I have also vastly improved my programming skills, which was something I didn't really enjoy before but I now fully appreciate the importance of this in Process System Engineering.

I am doing a project as part of the course which aims to achieve continuous separation of proteins using capillaries. It's an exciting project because the use of capillaries provides greater scale-up potential and could be used industrially if it is successful. The project has allowed me to develop vital research skills, which is great as I am considering going into a career in research after I have completed my MSc." Dorris Nekesa Khaemba


Nellya Serikova

MSc Advanced Chemical Engineering with IT and Management

"My first degree was a BEng in Chemical Technology of Organics, which I studied at the Kazakh-British Technical University in Kazakhstan. I decided to get a higher degree in order to gain new experiences in Chemical Engineering and to learn new ways of working, whilst developing my skills.

I chose Loughborough University, as it has a good reputation in the UK especially for Chemical Engineering and also offers a unique course - Advanced Chemical Engineering with IT and Management. The course taught me a lot about computational methods in Chemical Engineering and engineering management areas as well.

The biggest advantage of postgraduate study is gaining a higher qualification, which should make you more employable. I am coming to the end of my Masters now and I am hoping to get a job as a Chemical Engineer in the oil and gas industry." Nellya Serikova

MSc Advanced Process Engineering

Paul Hammond

MSc Advanced Process Engineering

"I grew up in Norfolk before studying for my undergraduate degree in Chemistry at Nottingham University. For the next ten years, I was in employment but I decided to study Chemical Engineering as I'd worked closely with process engineers through my job and had found it really interesting. I also felt it would offer me a better opportunity to find different work in the future. I was living in Loughborough and knew of the University's reputation in Chemical Engineering through its interactions with my previous employer so it seemed an ideal choice.

So far I have found the course really enlightening as it has allowed me to expand significantly on the knowledge that I already had and it has also given me a much broader understanding of the work I used to do in my day to day job.

For my project I am carrying out work on re-engineering the toilet for areas where there is no running water or mains sewerage. It involves finding ways to treat sewage locally and render it harmless without the need for plumbing into waste water treatment works. This work stems from a grant given to the University by the Gates Foundation and as it offers such huge potential to make an impact on the Developing World, it is very rewarding work." Paul Hammond


Mohammed Misbahu

MSc Advanced Process Engineering

"My name is Mohammed Misbahu and I come from Nigeria. My degree background is in Applied Chemistry from Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto, Nigeria.

I chose Loughborough based on its academic track record as one of UK’s foremost universities and I am happy that I was not disappointed. Although the MSc in Advanced Process Engineering is a very intensive and demanding course, the calibre of teachers that guided us through it and the available state-of-art learning facilities in the department made every bit of the time spent here challenging and interesting. This has lead to my interest in pursuing a PhD programme within the Department.

The course has allowed me to acquire knowledge in Process Engineering principles and their applications in modern industries. I have no doubt that it is a major boost to my prospective career in the oil and gas industries." Mohammed Misbahu

PhD Students

Dr Elena Simone

"After applying online for a PhD position in the Department of Chemical Engineering here at Loughborough University I was invited for an interview with my current supervisor. I was really impressed by the quality of the research conducted in the field of pharmaceutical engineering, the state-of-the-art facilities in the particle technology laboratory and the dedication of the other students and staff. I did some further research on the University reputation, industry connections and the sport facilities and I decided to accept the position.

I had an incredible support from my supervisor, staff members and other PhD students that allowed me to conduct high quality research, learn how to use several sophisticated pieces of equipment and travel to conferences to present my work and develop new collaborations.

I attended many Graduate School courses for the improvement of my soft skills and I really appreciated the help from the Career Network Office in improving my CV and applying for jobs.

The technicians and research staff in my Department helped a lot with all the practical issues related to my research, from instrument training to equipment design and software installation and usage.

My supervisor guided me through my research and encouraged me to apply for small grants and award (some of which I also won).

To improve my soft skills I attended courses and events organised by the Graduate School and I also really enjoyed the amazing sport facilities and free activities offered in the University.

After a year as a Research Associate in the same department where I studied for my PhD, I was appointed as a Lecturer in Remote Sensing at the University of Leeds. My experience at Loughborough University helped me become an independent researcher with substantial experience in several analytical techniques and equipment. That was essential in getting a position as a lecturer.

I really enjoyed all the great sports facilities in Loughborough (50m swimming pool, fitness studios and gyms). It was a good way to relax and keep healthy as well as to make new friends. Loughborough University has a relatively small postgraduate community compared to other British Universities and it is very easy to meet new people. I met some of my best friends at Loughborough and really enjoyed my time there.

I really appreciated all the moral and practical support from the University staff, my supervisor and other PhD students in my department. I found a very good atmosphere in which to produce high quality research and enjoyed my free time outside the lab with wonderful people." Dr Elena Simone