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Nanoparticle suspensions

Research into Monitoring Nanoparticle Suspensions

March 14

Increasing numbers of industrial and commercial applications involve nanoparticles (or colloidal particles), usually in a concentrated form. Unfortunately this makes measurements using conventional methods very difficult, both due to the small size of the particles and the opaque nature of such suspensions. Most particle sizing techniques, for example, only work with dilute systems.

A new research programme at Loughborough aims to transform the monitoring of concentrated suspensions of nanoparticles using the technique of ultrasound.

The research will develop new models for the scattering of low-intensity ultrasound waves by particles suspended in a fluid. Measuring the speed and energy lost by an ultrasound pulse as it travels through a suspension allows the concentration of the suspension and the size of the particles to be determined. The new models will incorporate the extra effects caused by the viscosity of the fluid, and interactions of ultrasound waves with particles in close proximity with each other.

The research is funded by a £100k grant from the EPSRC, and has a project partner, Digusonic Ltd who specialise in ultrasonic monitoring equipment. Dr Michael Forrester has been appointed to work on the project with Dr Valerie Pinfield.


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