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Chemical Engineering PhD student company win 'Engineering Yes' prize

June 15

Green Beauty x 528

The group produced a new type of water-based nail polish using natural ingredients and in particular natural pigments from waste food e.g. beetroot for making a red pigment.

Their production process was self-fuelled, since the organic waste, (coming from the production of the pigment), was used for making energy from a bio reactor and they named their product Green Beauty Technology, which they also created a logo for, (below).

Green Beauty Technology logo x 200

The competition the group entered, consisted of developing a fictitious 5 year business plan, which they then presented to an audience of professionals. Following their presentation, the group won the best team work prize.

The Green Beauty Technology group were pictured collecting their prize (top): Iyke Onyemelukwe, Ekanem Ekanem, Elena Simone, Raffaella Casasola, Emmanuel Kimuli and Serena Morelli.

On behalf of the School of AACME, we would like to offer our congratulations to you all for your hard work and dedication, as well as your team skills!


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