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Information for incoming Erasmus students

international students

We are delighted that you are considering coming to the Chemical Engineering Department at Loughborough University.

Before making your choice of modules there are a few things you should bear in mind and which may be different to arrangements at your own university.

Firstly, timetables for the semester for which you will be making your application will not be available to you during the application process. These change from year to year and are only published a few weeks before the start of the semester – it is important that you appreciate this as this may have implications for you if the modules that you wish to take are timetabled at the same time.

Our modules are designed to be taken in year blocks. If you choose modules from one particular year (we refer to them as Part A, B etc.) no complications should arise. However, if you choose modules from different parts of the course there is a probability that some of the modules that you have chosen will be timetabled at the same time. This probability will obviously increase the greater the number of modules that you choose from different years. To re-iterate what was said above, this information will only become available to you once you are in Loughborough.

What this means is that you need to have some flexibility in the choice of your modules as if it becomes impossible to take a particular combination of modules, it will be necessary for you to make alternative selections. The only constraints on this are that any changes which you make to the learning agreement have to be approved by your own university.

Another source of confusion results from the selection of modules from departments other than Chemical Engineering. Some departments impose tight restrictions on the numbers of students attending their modules and therefore special approval has to be obtained if you wish to take modules from other departments. Flexibility is again called for as if approval is not forthcoming you will need to reconsider your choice of modules.

Module specifications are available at:-

If having read this you have further enquiries you may contact me directly at G.Shama@Lboro.ac.uk

Dr Gilbert Shama
Chemical Engineering, Erasmus Co-ordinator 

Further information

For general enquiries relating to international admissions, please contact:

Anna Temple
(undergraduate courses)

Anne Courtenay-Smith
(postgraduate courses)


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