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Undergraduate study

Theatre Productions

In their final year, students on our Drama course have the option to take the Theatre Practice module. The outcome of this module is a theatre production staged in the Sir Robert Martin Theatre here at Loughborough University, and it is not only the culmination of three years of practice-led study, but also draws upon the skills and knowledge that the students have acquired across their whole degree.

Whilst the plays themselves are selected (or, if they are original productions, guided) by the academic staff to offer the best opportunities for the students, the final product is entirely the work of the student ensemble. This module presents opportunities to engage with different aspects of staging a production, allowing the students to be involved not only as actors but also as directors, designers, producers, stage managers, builders, technicians and publicists.

Final Production 2017


Words from the Directors

"Adapting Lindsay Anderson and David Sherwin's screenplay, if...., for the stage has allowed us as directors to explore the controversial themes of violence, homosexuality and oppresion set out in this 1960s public school.

By experimenting with character and adapting the end of the play to tie in with our own interpretation of the pice, we have been able to engage with the plot and apply Brechtian techniques to transfer what was seen on screen to the stage. We have found elements of the rehearsal process challenging, particularly trying to disperse the intense and often brutal occurences in the play. 

However, the expanse of talent provided by our cast has made this a truly invaluable experience."

Jack Donald and Emma Tindall
June 2017


A stage adaption of the screenplay by Lindsay Anderson and David Sherwin