School of the Arts, English and Drama

Undergraduate study

Graphic Communication & Illustration


The Graphic Communication & Illustration programme currently assesses entirely on the basis of coursework. This coursework may be written (in the case of our Histories and Theories of Art and Design modules) or studio practice based work (in the case of our studio modules).

All the work required is clearly listed within the module specifications (found online, in the handbooks and in every module's virtual learning environment). All of it aligned with the QAA National Benchmark Statement for Art and Design and with SEEC level descriptors.

On the ground you will find a framework specifically designed to give you the broadest possibility to produce a personal portfolio that does a real communications job:

  • We assess sketchbooks for their ability to show good design thinking.
  • We have projects (both live and educational) that we will assess against their ability to carry communication to their intended targets.
  • We read essays and dissertations that critically analyse existing design practice as a social operation.
  • We review image making, film, advertising, interaction, packaging, branding and much more as tools for grabbing the viewer's attention.