School of the Arts, English and Drama

Undergraduate study



The course is assessed solely through coursework, using various methods according to the module being studied. Methods include: essays/reflective work, seminar participation, online and in-class tests, annotated bibliographies, performance projects, in-class presentations, research projects, workbook/log books, group work and peer assessments, as well as a final-year dissertation.

For example:

  • The final-year option module ‘The Modern Poet’ comprises two different assessments. First, there is a mid-semester close-reading exercise designed to encourage students to develop their skills at reading poetry. Then, at the end of the module, students submit a discursive essay which incorporates independent secondary research (e.g. into context and relevant critical debates) alongside engagement with the poetry studied on the module.
  • The first-year core module ‘An Introduction to Language’ involves three assessment elements: weekly seminar participation; a mid-semester computerized test designed to gauge students’ understanding of the terminology and ideas encountered in the early stages of the module; and an essay focusing on the theories and concepts covered on the module as a whole.
  • The optional module ‘Elephants and Engines: An Introduction to Creative Writing’ consists of two assessments. The first of these is a mid-semester submission comprising three short pieces of creative work and a short reflective essay. The second assessed element is a creative writing portfolio, submitted at the end of the module, which offers students the chance to specialize in a particular area of creative writing. This final portfolio is also accompanied by a reflective essay.