School of the Arts, English and Drama

Undergraduate study


The application process

Before you start on the steps, have a look at our general guide to applying to Loughborough University. 

Step 1: Personal statement

When writing your personal statement, try to be as clear and concise as possible. Avoid vague statements. Make sure you use all the space available to you. We want to learn as much as possible about you, your skills, and why you want to study with us. Tell us about yourself.

What are you studying at school/college? Do your subjects relate in any way to your chosen course at Loughborough, and if so, how? Tell us about the skills you’ve learnt during your studies, and how they will help you in your chosen degree course. What other interests and activities do you participate in? Do you do voluntary work, or have you carried out work experience in a related industry?

Remember, we’re looking for bright, lively, and articulate students, so tell us exactly what makes you different or individual, and why you are excited by literature.

Step 2: Application

Apply through UCAS using the following codes:

  • English BA Hons - 3 years full time - Q300
  • English BA Hons - DPS/DIntS 4 years full-time sandwich - Q301
  • English and Drama - 3 years full time - QW34
  • English and Drama - DPS/DIntS 4 years full-time sandwich - Q3W4
  • English with a Minor in Business Studies - 3 years full time - Q3N1
  • English with a Minor in Business Studies - DPS/DIntS 4 years full-time sandwich - QN31
  • English and Sport Science - 3 years full time - QC36
  • English and Sport Science - DPS/DIntS 4 years full-time sandwich - Q3C6

The UCAS application deadline is 15 January.

For English BA Hons - part time, please complete this application form and send it by email to

Step 3: Offer

If your application is successful, you will recieve a conditional or unconditional offer of a place on our course before 31 March (if you applied by 15 January).

Step 4: Visit Day

You will receive an invitation by email to attend one of our Visit Days. A Visit Day is your chance to:

  • Meet academic staff who are renowned for their innovative teaching and internationally recognised for their research
  • Meet our students and find out more about our course content and opportunities for placement years, study abroad and trips
  • Take part in a seminar/workshop to really get a taste of life on the course
  • View our student accommodation and go on a tour of the campus with current students

We understand that when choosing a university and degree course there is a great deal of information to take in. Our Visit Days can support you in this process by giving you an opportunity to gain focus on what we have to offer and get a feel for what studying at Loughborough is really like.


Step 5: Decision

You will have until 6 May to respond to UCAS with your decision about which of your offers you want to select as your Firm and Insurance choices.

Step 6: Results

On A Level results day, applicants will be able to log onto UCAS Track and view the decision made by their first choice University.