School of the Arts, English and Drama

Undergraduate study


The application process

Before you start on the steps, have a look at our general guide to applying to Loughborough University. 

Step 1: Personal statement

Your personal statement should be precisely that – personal. We are not looking for standardised responses following a set pattern. We want to hear about your passion and interest for the subject of theatre, its practical and theoretical aspects.

What excites you about performance? What thrills you about playtexts? The personal statement should outline the journey you have taken, thus far, in discovering the potential of Drama, whether that has come through direct academic study of the subject and its practical exploration within a workshop context, or whether it has emerged from extra-curricular activities with local theatre companies, or even a specific project within your local community.

The statement is your opportunity to convey your experience in your voice.

Step 2: Application

Apply through UCAS using the following codes:

  • Drama BA Hons - 3 years full time - W400
  • Drama BA Hons - DPS/DIntS 4 years full-time sandwich - W401
  • English and Drama - 3 years full time - QW34
  • English and Drama - DPS/DIntS 4 years full-time sandwich - Q3W4
  • Drama with English - 3 years full time - W4Q3
  • Drama with English - DPS/DIntS 4 years full-time sandwich - WQ43
  • Drama with Business Studies - 3 years full time - W4N1
  • Drama with Business Studies - DPS/DIntS 4 years full-time sandwich - WN41

The UCAS application deadline is 15 January.

Step 3: Interview

If we decide to progress your application, you will receive an invitation to a Visit Day by email, which will give you the opportunity to book a specific date and time for your interview slot via an online form.

The interview should be viewed as another opportunity to articulate your passion for the subject. It is a discussion rather than an interrogation. So think about what theatre you have seen recently and how it might have struck you as innovative or challenging. How do your other studies influence your thinking about Drama? What vocational aims might you be pursuing, or are you interested in exploring the subject more broadly before specialising? These are the sorts of questions that may be asked during the interview, where you will also have the opportunity to meet and chat with a current student.

Step 3: Offer

If your interview is successful, you will recieve a conditional or unconditional offer of a place on our course before 31 March (if you applied by 15 January).

Step 5: Decision

You will have until early to respond to UCAS with your decision about which of your offers you want to select as your Firm and Insurance choices. Please check the UCAS website for up-to-date deadlines.

Step 6: Results

On A Level results day, applicants will be able to log onto UCAS Track and view the decision made by their first choice University.