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Dr Daniel Watt

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Programme Director: Drama

Specialism: European Theatre and Theory Specialist

I joined Loughborough in 2006, following two years as a publications and research assistant in Aberystwyth at The Centre for Performance Research. I gained my PhD from Sussex in 2003, my thesis explored fragmentary writing in the work of Maurice Blanchot, Samuel Beckett and J.M. Coetzee. My teaching and research focus on Performance Philosophy, objects and puppets in theory and practice, and the nature of The Weird in fiction and performance. I am currently Programme Director for Drama.

I teach a range of modules including modules ‘Revolt Against Fate’, ‘Brecht: The Critical Stage’, ‘Performing the Absurd’, ‘Performance Philosophy’, and this year will be teaching ‘Theatre of the Fantastic’, the ‘Theatre Practice’ module on Strindberg’s The Ghost Sonata, ‘Research Project’ and ‘Performance Philosophy’. I also enjoy teaching sessions on the ‘Weird Tale’ for the English MA and for the Creative Writing programme I deliver sessions on the short story, the horror and supernatural as genre, and on Small Press publishing.

I currently co-supervise four PhD students; Virginie Ganivet, on the English Mr Punch; Phil Emery on ‘Sword and Sorcery’, Peter Griffiths on ‘Fictocriticism’ and Caroline Astell-Burt on Otome-Bunraku. I would welcome enquiries from prospective postgraduate students looking to work in any area of my research interests but particularly in the areas of Performance Philosophy and Object Theatre.‌

I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

My research interests include philosophical and literary influences on theatre and performance in the Twentieth century particularly in the emerging field of Performance Philosophy, and more specifically in the work of Tadeusz Kantor. My other research work is focused on the literary/theatrical fantastic and ‘Weird Fiction’, literary/performance ethics, fragmentary writing, death in performance and culture, and the nature of the puppet, or abject object, in performance.

I was co-investigator on an AHRC Network project, ‘Foundations for Object Theatre’, with Sean Myatt at NTU offering network opportunities for international object theatre practitioners and researchers, the first event was held in December 2011 and the second event in September 2012. 

I was co-convenor of the Theatre, Performance and Philosophy working group at TaPRA (Theatre and Performance Research Association) from 2006-2012. Now I am one of the founding core convenors of the Performance Philosophy Network, which held its inaugural conference ‘What is Performance Philosophy’, with over 130 speakers and 190 delegates, at the University of Surrey, 11-13th April 2013.

Further information about my research can be found at

Creative research includes writing plays, poetry and fiction. My fiction has appeared in Sein und Werden, Sacrum Regnum, Shadows and Tall Trees, and with Egaeus Press, Gray Friar Press, Megazanthus Press, Side Real Press, Salt Publishing, Dynatox Ministries, Undertow Publications and Ex Occidente/Zagava Press, including three collections of short stories Almost Insentient, Almost Divine, An Emporium of Automata and The Phantasmagorical Imperative and other Fabrications, and three novellas, The Ten Dictates of Alfred Tesseller, Dehiscence and Memorabilia (in The Transfiguration of Mr Punch). My short story ‘Laudate Dominum (for many voices)’ was reprinted in Best British Horror 2014, ed. Johnny Mains, Salt Publishing and my short story ‘Shallabalah’ won The Ghost Story Award 2014. Further details at The Interlude House.

Current publication projects include two edited collections, Final Stages: Death, Performance and Culture (with Robert John Brocklehurst), and Thinking Theatre, Performing Philosophy (with Dr Fred Dalmasso) and editing issue 2.2 of the Performance Philosophy Journal.


Forthcoming Publications

‘The Impossible Literature of Thomas Ligotti, Puppeteer and Eschatologist’, in Thinking Horror: A Journal of Horror Philosophy, Vol 2, October 2016.

‘Kantor’s ‘Last Room’: Thinking the Object, Bio-Object and Death’, in The Theatre of Tadeusz Kantor, eds Magda Romanska and Kathleen Cioffi, Northwestern University Press, 2017.


Previous publications:



Ethical Encounters: Boundaries of Theatre, Performance and Philosophy, eds. Daniel Meyer-Dinkgräfe and Daniel Watt, Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2010, 206pp, ISBN 9781443816953.

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A Performance Cosmology: Testimony from the Future, Evidence of the Past, with Christie, J. and Gough, R. (eds),Routledge, London, 2006, 321pp, ISBN: 0415372585.


Chapters in Edited Books

‘Base Materials: Performing the Abject Object’, In Arya, R and Chare, N (ed) Abject Visions: Powers of Horror in art and Visual Culture, Manchester University Press, pp.187-201, 2016, ISBN: 9780719096297.

‘“Esse est Percipi”: Beckett and Berkeley's silent Conversation’, in Beckett Re-Membered: After the Centenary, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp.77-91, 2012, ISBN: 978-1-4438-3500-8.

‘The Face in the Crowd: Levinas, Ethics and Performance’ in Ethical Encounters: Boundaries of Theatre, Performance and Philosophy, eds. Daniel Meyer-Dinkgräfe and Daniel Watt, (Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing), 2010, pp. 148-156, ISBN 9781443816953.

‘No Thing Forever: Death, Corporeality, Language and Representation’ in Heilige versus unheilige Schrift, ed. Martin A. Hainz, (Wien: Passagen Verlag, 2010, ISBN 9783851658804)

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‘Philoxenia: The Host as Parasite’ and ‘Bibliophobia’, in A Performance Cosmology: Testimony from the Future, Evidence of the Past, Watt, D.P., Christie, J. and Gough, R. (eds), (London: Routledge), 2006, pp. 25-27 and 284-289, ISBN 0415372585.

‘“Us and them!”: The consciousness of puppets and other abject objects’, in Consciousness, theatre, literature and the arts, Meyer-Dinkgräfe, Daniel, (ed.), Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Cambridge, 2006, pp. 240-248, ISBN 1904303633.

‘“I am become as sounding brass”: The language of angels and the tongues of men’, in Vom Gluck sich anzustecken, Krisen und Optionen der Ubertragung, Hainz, Martin A. (ed.), Braumuller, Vienna, 2005, pp. 143-152, ISBN 3700315244.


Journal Articles

‘Inner Rooms: A Weird, Ecstatic Cosmology’, Wormwood: Writings about Fantasy, Supernatural and Decadent Literature, (26), 2016, pp.3-11, ISSN: 1744-2834.

‘“..a signal of shrinking time”: Tadeusz Kantor on film’, Polish Theatre Perspectives, 1 (2015)(1), pp.319-328, ISSN: 2053-2695.

‘Acting Dead and Other Maniacal Stories: The Abject Work of Cricot2, after Kantor’, On Abjection Issue, Performance Research: a journal of the performing arts, 19(1), 2014, pp.52-62, ISSN: 1352-8165.

‘Bodies of Failure - An Introduction’, with Dr Eve Katsouraki, Somatechnics, 3(1), 2013, pp.1-8, ISSN: 2044-0138

‘From Frozen Sponges to Plastic Bags: Object Theatre - A Developing Network’, with Sean Myatt, Puppet Notebook, 22, 2012, pp.19-22, ISSN: 1745-1086.

‘Transgressing the Witness at Three Sites of Knowledge’, Research in Drama Education, 12.1, February 2007, 79-91, ISSN 1356-9783.

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‘A rose blossoming into a bud’, The Oxford Literary Review, 22, 2001, 151-161, ISSN 0305-1498.


Journal Letters (Equivalent)

‘Installing Performatics: Terms and Conditions’, Performance Research, 13(2), 2008, 131, ISSN 1352-8165.


Journal Editorial

Editing of Performance Philosophy Journal, 2.1, July 2016, with Laura Cull and Theron Schmidt, ISSN: 2057-7176

Editing of Journal Special issue with Eve Katsouraki ‘Bodies of Failure’, Somatechnics, 3.1, March 2013, ISSN 2044-1038

Editing of Journal Special issuewith Robert Brocklehurst ‘Memento Mori’ Performance Research, 15:1, March 2010, ISSN 1352-8165.

Associate Editor of Performing Ethos: An International Journal of Ethics in Theatre and Performance vols 1 and 2, General Editor: Professor Carole-Anne Upton, ISSN 1757-1979.

Editing of Journal Special issuewith Laurie Beth Clark and Richard Gough ‘On Objects’ Performance Research, 12:4, December 2007, ISSN 1352-8165.


Review Articles

Leo Bersani and Ulysse Dutoit’s, Arts of Impoverishment, in The Oxford Literary Review, Volume 20, 2000, pp.191-194.

Milutis, Joe, Ether: The Nothing That Connects Everything, Minneapolis, University of Minnesota Press, 2006 in Consciousness, Literature and the Arts, 7:2, August 2006.

Power, Cormac, Presence in Play and Goodall, Jane, Stage Presence, in Theatre Research International, 34:2, July 2009, ISSN 0307-8833 pp. 212-213.

Review article on The Art of Theater by James R. Hamilton, Theatre Research International, 34: 3, October 2009, ISSN 0307-8833, pp. 327-328.

Review article on Hand, Richard J., and Wilson, Michael London’s Grand Guignol and The Theatre of Horror, Gothic Studies, Vol. 11.2, 2009, pp 89-90.


Other Publications

‘Saturn Sits to Eat’, afterword in Student-Centred: Education, Freedom and the Idea of Audience,

by Neil Cocks, (Ashby-de-la-Zouch: InkerMen Press), 2009, pp.225-228, ISBN 9780955625961



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‘A Delicate Craft’ in Aickman’s Heirs, ed. Simon Strantzas, Undertow Publications, 2015, pp. 61-72, ISBN: 978-0-9813177-9-3. [Winner of the Shirley Jackson Award for best edited collection, 2016]

The Usher, Dunhams Manor Press, 2015

‘A Heteronymous Contribution’ in Dreams of Ourselves: An Appreciation of Pessoa, ZEX Press, 2014, 286pp, ISBN: 978-3-9816093-1-8

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Public lectures and talks

‘The Infectious Legacies of Edgar Allan Poe’, joint paper with Dr Jennifer Cooke and Dr Nick Freeman at Loughborough Town Hall, Sock Gallery, July 2014

‘Objects and Performance’, joint performance paper with Sean Myatt (NTU) at Nottingham Primary, May 2014

Story Reading (‘A Hive of Pain’) at The Broadway, Nottingham, with Comma Press and Nottingham Writers’ Studio, December 2013

Story Reading (‘The Tyrant’) at Love Stories: Unique and Unsettling Tales, Nottingham Festival of Words, February 2013

‘Talking Objects – Introduction’, Object Theatre Symposium, Radar Arts, Loughborough University, March 2012

‘Noli Me Legere - Leading to the Inside’, This is Not a Lecture or a Performance! Symposium: Visual/Performance Interface, RADAR Arts, Loughborough University, June 2011

‘They Do Things Differentl­y There - A Response’ Talbot Rice Gallery, University of Edinburgh, Panel Discussion, with Nicholas Oddy and Dr Anne-Marie Kramer, for the exhibition ‘They Do Things Differently There’, June, 2010

‘Let the Artists Die like Dogs!: Performing­ Objects against the World’s Museum’, Sculpture & Performance Conference, Henry Moore Institute & Tate Liverpool, March, 2010


Membership of Editorial Boards

General Co-editor of Performance Philosophy Journal, ISSN: 2057-7176

Editorial Board member for Consciousness, Literature and the Arts journal, ISSN 1470-5648.

Editorial Board member for Performance Research journal, ISSN 1352-8165.


Membership of Societies and Organisations

Co-founder and Core Convenor of ‘Performance Philosophy Network’ September 2012 – present

Co-convenor (with Professor Daniel Meyer-Dinkgräfe) of the Theatre, Performance and Philosophy research group at TaPRA 2005 - 2012


Plenary Lectures and Conference Papers

‘After The Theatre of Death; Life?’ invited speaker at Kantorbury, Kantorbury, University of Kent, Canterbury, September 2015.

‘How funny is it being a plank of wood?: The terrible comedy of Cricot2 theatre’ invited speaker at Thinking Through Tragedy and ComedyPerformance Philosophy and the Future of Genre, organized in cooperation with the Dahlem Humanities Center, the Center for International Cooperation at the Free University and the Institute for Cultural Inquiry (ICI) Berlin, December 2014.

'If You Go Down in the Mythago Woods Today: A Sinister Excursion', joint performance paper with Dr Nick Freeman at The Fiend in the Furrows, Queen's University Belfast, September 2014 (see picture below)


‘The Consciousness of Objects’, invited speaker at Theatre, Dance, Music and Consciousness Research Seminars, University of Lincoln, May 2013.

‘Making it up: Performance, Things and other Stories’, Keynote speaker at Performing Performance Symposium, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand, April 2013.

‘Who Acts?’, Keynote speaker at The Politics of the Psychophysical, Theatre Academy Helsinki, November 2011

‘They Do Things Differentl­y There - A Response’ Talbot Rice Gallery, University of Edinburgh, Invited Panel Discussion, with Nicholas Oddy and Dr Anne-Marie Kramer, for the exhibition ‘They Do Things Differently There’, June, 2010

‘Publishing Revolutions: Print on Demand and Academia’ invited lecture and presentation at Atrium, Cardiff School of Creative and Cultural Industries, 8th February 2008


External Examining

External Examiner – Performing Arts, University of Northumbria, October 2010 – January 2015

External Examiner: Dr Brent Harris, ‘Figuring Diachrony’, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand, April 2013.


Peer Review Work

I have served as an invited reviewer for University of Minnesota Press, Western Journal of Communication, and Palgrave Macmillan.

Invited Referee for AHRC Fellowship proposal (December 2008)


Media Appearances

‘Reading of D. P. Watt’s “The Comrade”’ by Colin Clews at Tales to Terrify, 195, October 2015

‘Interview: D.P.Watt’ at Bibliophage, March 2015.

‘D.P. Watt and the Surreal: “I see fiction as an environment of exploration and experiment”’, at Weird Fiction Review, December 2014.