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Cultural Currents 1870-1930

‘Cultural Currents 1870-1930’ researches the literature and culture of the late-Victorian and Modernist periods. Its work encompasses literary and cultural criticism, textual editing, digital scholarship, and publishing history, with interdisciplinary links to visual art, politics, history, and gender and sexuality studies.

Members are engaged in individual and collaborative projects, which include:

  • 'Weekend of Weird', a RADAR event curated in part by Nick Freeman and Dan Watt (November 2016). This is an outward-facing arts weekend featuring writers, publishers, artists, screenings, readings, performers, and performance artists.
  • ‘George Egerton and the fin de siècle’, a two-day International Conference organized by Nick Freeman, Sarah Parker, Anne-Marie Beller, and Jennifer Nicol.
  • 'Nationhood and the Great War, 1905-1922’. Oliver Tearle and Pete Templeton.
  • Anne-Marie Beller and Sarah Parker are on the organizing committee of MIVSS (the Midlands Interdisciplinary Victorian Studies Seminar), the last meeting of which was hosted by Loughborough. 

For group members’ publications, see their individual staff profiles. 

The research group is co-convened by Nick Freeman and Anne-Marie Beller.

Members are from the School of the Arts, English, Drama, and History. They include:

Kathryn Brown, Jennifer Cooke, Kerry Featherstone, Rachael Grew, Clare Hutton, Lise Jaillant, Sarah Parker, Oliver Tearle, Pete Templeton, Wim van Mierlo, Dan Watt, Mike Wilson, Peter Yeandle.