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Mark Smith

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PhD Student

Mark is an education-focused moving image artist and designer. A qualified teacher in art, design and media, he has been exhibiting moving image works and co-creating community moving image artworks since 1985. He has taught media, design and art in HE, FE and secondary schools since 1990. Using a visual ethnographic approach, Mark works with students and staff in a variety of educational settings, including universities, schools, and pupil referral units, creating both research data and public visual output. A keen advocate of popular pedagogies which stem from Freirian concepts of conscientization, his practice – as artist and teacher – recognises the importance of supporting the self-politicisation of students and educators.

Currently producing an online learning resource, Mark's doctoral research examines the impact of artists’ moving image upon art, design and media pedagogies. This website (which will be available at from early 2017) provides video and textual resources for cross-curricular learning in a variety of settings. The resource is suitable for for introducing those contemporary moving image art practices which challenge societal assumptions about the 'Other', and provides alternatives to hegemonic artist canons such as DWEAMs – dead white Euro-American males (Smith, 2011).

Smith, M. (2011). ‘Artists’ moving image and its impact on learning in school communities’, in: McLuhan Galaxy: Understanding Media (2011). Ciastellardi, M., de Almeida,C.M., Scolari, C.A. (eds.). Barcelona: Sehen.

Mark's work has been recognised by a number of funding institutions, including:
Arts Council (1996)
Higher Education Academy (2012)
Singaporean Ministry of Education (1999)
South Tees Health Authority (1992)

His work has been presented in a variety of locations, including:
Cultural Quarter (Leicester, 2012)
Institute of Contemporary Arts (London, 2014)
Tate Modern (Liverpool, 1989)
University of Singapore (Singapore, 1999)

His recent conference presentations include:
Australian Teachers of Media (Canberra, 2013)
International Conference on Information Communication Technologies (Kos 2014)
McLuhan Galaxy (Barcelona, 2011)
National Visual Arts Education (Canberra, 2012)

Recent practice output includes:
Fish and Chip Social (3-channel video installation, A6004 by-pass, Loughborough, 2012)
me (3-channel video installation, Pedestrian Gallery, Leicester, 2012)
me, me, me (single channel video, Disposable Film Festival, London, 2012)
Human Library (community intervention, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, 2014)

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