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Jenny Pinski

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PhD Student

In 2009 Jenny graduated from Loughborough University with a 1st Class BA (Hons) in Woven Textile Design and Diploma in Industrial Studies.  During her undergraduate degree she undertook industrial placements within a bespoke bridal studio and an underwear design company where she learnt skills such as pattern cutting.

After graduating she entered the footwear industry as a Colourist for Cushe Footwear, a subsidiary of Wolverine World Wide Inc.  Jenny took the opportunity to expand her skill set by designing and developing footwear for a global market, leading to her promotion to Assistant Product Manager.  This role allowed Jenny to gain experience and knowledge of footwear design practice, product development processes, product lifecycle management (PLM), and Far East manufacturing/shoemaking.    

In 2013 Jenny was awarded a fully funded research studentship from The School of Art at Loughborough University, which she expects to complete in 2017.

Thesis Title:

Craft based design: an investigation into the application of woven textile design practice as a method for footwear design

Jenny’s educational background in textile design, alongside her professional experience within the footwear industry has influenced her research interests.  She is primarily focused on the application of a hands-on, textile design led approach to footwear design. Footwear design and development is a complex process and visualising and understanding the way in which a design will appear in 3D is hugely important in creating a successful product.  Using craft processes as a design method for footwear may not only provide a novel method of generating design ideas but it also has the potential to impact positively on the product development.  Taking a design from 2D into 3D can be complicated and problematic, if a design is already realised in a 3D form then it could speed up the development sampling stage.  Her aim is to develop and test new footwear design processes that demonstrate benefits in design innovation and ease, accuracy and speed of product development.

Dr Faith Kane, Leader of the Textiles Research Group
Dr Mark Evans, Leader of the Design Practice Research Group