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Jennifer Nicol

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PhD student

Jennifer holds a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in English from Loughborough University. She was awarded a Loughborough Doctoral College scholarship to complete her MA in 2010, followed by a Research Studentship in the School of Arts, English and Drama in 2011. She began her doctoral research in Victorian literature in 2012.

Jennifer is a member of the Modern and Contemporary Research Cluster at Loughborough University, the British Association of Victorian Studies (BAVS) and the Feminist and Women’s Studies Association (FWSA). She has taught on the undergraduate module Critical Studies 1, and co-convened Introduction to Short Narrative. In May 2014 she was awarded a commendation for her work as a personal tutor at the Loughborough Academic Awards.

In 2013-14, Jennifer co-led the steering committee for the inaugural conference held by Loughborough University’s Modern and Contemporary Research Cluster. The conference took place on 11thSeptember 2014 and was titled Transitions and Transgressions. The papers considered how literary and visual texts affect and are affected by shifting historical and cultural perspectives, with a specific focus on ways of seeing and ways of experiencing change.

Jennifer’s doctoral research is located in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and focuses on female-authored literary texts. Her work examines the fantasies of isolation in New Woman fiction, with a particular interest in the work of Sarah Grand, George Egerton and Amy Levy. Her thesis addresses the discrepancy between the popular image of the New Woman ‘at large’ and the desire for personal seclusion often expressed in works of New Woman fiction. She expects to complete her doctoral research in 2016.

Dr Anne-Marie Beller, Lecturer in English

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