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Hazel McMichael

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I am an interdisciplinary practitioner working in the expanded field of writing. I perform and document writing in books, installations, objects and videos with an aim toward merging the tactile with the textual. I am interested in the interdependent relationships between absence and presence, “I” and “you”, private and public, psychoanalysis and body, sense and memory.

I have a BA in English with Creative Writing and an MA in Poetic Practice from Royal Holloway, University of London. I was awarded a research studentship by the School of the Arts at Loughborough University to undertake a practice-based PhD in October 2014, and expect to complete in 2018. 


Toward the Textural: Inbetween the Tactile and Textual in Contemporary Art and Poetics

The aim of my practice-based research is to identify and develop the textural: a threshold inbetween the tactile and the textual, to be engaged as a method for communication in contemporary art and poetics. The basis of a texturalmethodology is speculatively formed through intersecting relations between bodily productions of text, such as: gesture, reading, writing, listening and voicing.

Situated at the intersection of poetics and fine art, my research enters into dialogue with interdisciplinary discussions around embodiment, haptics and subjectivities. I am also surveying a sporadic trajectory of practices in art and poetics that exemplify dialectical tactile and textual forms of communication, from select works of 1960’s body art to écriture feminine to contemporary performance writing, etc. Centring the embodied encounter in my engagement with these works, my research adapts alternatives to traditional hermeneutic approaches such as those in the field of art-writing.

Framing my practice within this speculative field of the textural, my processes involve the expansion and intersection of bodily productions of text. Emphasising the material support of the body from which text emerges, my research attempts to locate the point where text is materialized in and through the body toward an understanding of e/merging subjectivities and textural practice.


Professor Marsha Meskimmon, Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art History & Theory
Dr Mo White, Lecturer in Fine Art