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Corina Oprea

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PhD Student

Corina Oprea is a curator and producer, examining curatorial practice as an exercise in collective knowledge. She writes occasionally about art in a range of publications, among which IDEA, in Stockholm she worked for WELD and Intercult as curator/project coordinator.

From her recent projects:Temporary Status – a book and exhibition project on political imagination (2012) at Röda Sten, Göteborg and the co-curated winning apexart Franchise exhibition, Washed Out, (2011) at Konsthall C-Central Tvätt, Stockholm.

Current initiatives: REDAKZIA with Bucharest-based artist Maria Draghici and Institute for Collective Studies with Anders Paulin.

Thesis Title:

Curatorial practice as an exercise in collective knowledge

The practice of curating expanses far from an act of visual representation – representations of art, objects, facts and ideas – becomes a territory of congruency and/or conflict, where meaning is produced and debated. The politics of the field have shifted from a focus on the format – be it exhibition or a discursive modality – to a medium that articulates methods – of research, production and communication.

Corina's concern is what constitutes a curatorial practice beyond its format of representation. Her focus will be on methods of work, trying to understand how they constitute a specific field through various modalities, and, moreover, how they articulate the production of collective knowledge, putting together an ensemble of positions. The notion of the “collective” is intentionally used as an adjective, rather than a noun. This is to make a difference from working collectively, or in collaboration – forming a collective – which has been addressed previously by writings on art history and curatorial practice. This study refers to knowledge that is produced in process and allowing multiple perspectives and subjectivities – produced in common through a method of correlation.

Dr. Gillian Whiteley