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Amir M Andwari

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In his MA thesis, Amir applied Julia Kristeva’s psychoanalytic theories to Virginia Woolf’s To the Light House. He has been a lecturer in his home country, Iran, from 2003 to 2014, during which he has taught a variety of literary courses. He has shown interest in a variety of research topics but his main goal was to apply Kristeva’s psychoanalytic theories to literature of a different era. After teaching English drama to Iranian students for some years, he came to this conclusion that Shakespeare’s plays could be approached using Kristeva’s key psychoanalytic terms, and that is the reason he chose England for his PhD. At the moment, Amir is a PhD student in Department of English and Drama, Loughborough University and is currently working on some Shakespearean plays and aims to apply, specifically, Kristeva’s views regarding ‘the abject’ to them.

Dr Joan Fitzpatrick, Senior Lecturer in English 

Professor Nigel Wood, Professor of Literature Specialism: Enlightenment Scholar

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