Arts Degree Show2016

Siobhan Champion


‘Romantic Renaissance’: a Spring/Summer fashion collection designed to build a social awareness around mental health.

The concept for this collection was inspired by Art Therapy, aiming to tackle both light and dark emotions through artistic qualities and techniques. Inspiration has been drawn from the poetic writings of Sylvia Plath and William Blake. Plath struggled with bipolar depression; her poetry is a vision of her own mental difficulties, while Blake provides optimism through his poems of Holy influence. I analysed the selected poetry to build a narrative through an array of gathered imagery of floristry, animals, sculpture and churches. The collection is a universal visual language of poems that delve into the minds of the famous poets. Dark elements collide with positive imagery and therapeutic colour, to represent emotions felt throughout therapy.

Both digital and screen-printing processes have been explored to show a range of printed qualities. Techniques such as devore, laser-cutting and jacquard weave are incorporated into the project to develop a sensory therapeutic element, in which poetic pattern and language can be discovered through touch. Through combining the romantic fashions of the 1800s and giving it a contemporary retro twist, be enchanted by frills, clashing patterns and draped layered fabrics.


Placements / Work Experience:

Gyunel, London

ASOS, London

Karolina York, Sydney

Peter Pilotto, London

Sian Zeng, London


Competitions / Awards:

H&M Competition Runner-Up, 2013



LSU Dance Media Representative, 2013-14