Arts Degree Show2016

Petra Baker

Multi-Media Textiles

'Textural Space': a collection of layered patchwork surfaces with subtle nautical influence for interior spaces with industrial hints on land and water. This progression of personal techniques combines an historical textile medium with innovative design.

Inspired by graphic geometric structures and surface texture, each piece is based on a study of the impressive tall ships moored at Liverpool’s Albert Dock, from the complex rope rigging patterns to the weather-beaten decks. Details such as fraying ropes, chipped paint, cracked wood and rusting metal from around the docklands informed surface techniques which introduced relief to the material layers. These sophisticated and multi-purpose textile surfaces are designed to transform interior environments, complement natural materials and inject an edgy sense of luxury to a minimalist space.


Placements / Work Experience:

TOFT, Rubgy


Competitions / Awards:

LUDT Prize for an Outstanding Second Year Student in the School of Art, English and Drama