Arts Degree Show2016

Marguerite Boyle


'Fleuresque': a spring/summer collection that offers an innovative perspective on the delicate florals that can be found under the dramatic and changing light of our English skies.

The title ‘Fleuresque’ describes something that engages the concept of a flower, but may or may not be one. Alternative photographic techniques have been used to combine the atmospheric beauty of nature with deliberate disruptions which both celebrate the unexpected and subtle pleasure that can be found in the common, yet discarded, errors of mankind’s record-keeping, as well as the simple magnificence that Nature herself shows us daily. Modern, thought-provoking designs challenge society’s expectation of perfection while creating a collection that is contemporary, and yet elegant and versatile. I have been able to use my passion for natural themes, photography and print design to create a high-end fashion collection that I am truly enthused and inspired by.


Placements / Work Experience:

House of Hackney, London

Karolina York, Sydney

Gyunel, London

Gossip Clothing, Potters Bar


Competitions / Awards:

Standfast and Barracks live project winner, 2016



Student Representative