Arts Degree Show2016

Katie Baggott

Multi-Media Textiles

‘Optics': a fashion collection of multi-media textile samples and pieces that encapsulate the relationship between photography and light.

Optics is defined as a branch of physics that studies the behaviour and properties of light. Inspiration for the project was a happy accident when shivering at the top of the Eiffel Tower at night; causing light trails to appear in my photos. Expanding on this theme using view points from the hectic cities of London and Paris and a slow shutter speed I have produced exciting imagery. The photos ooze energy due to the flashes of vibrant colour and the juxtaposition of smeared, delicate, sharp and crazy lines.

The theme is interpreted in materials that react with light by containing reflective, opaque and translucent qualities. I have accentuated the light and dark aspect by using contrasting hard and soft materials as well as a deep, rich and moody colour palette with flashes of vibrant and metallic hues.

Embroidery, embellishment, felting, laser cutting and digital print provide an innovative combination of slow textiles and CAD design. The collection revives traditional techniques into the modern, high fashion look.

Placements/Work Experience:

Anna Valentine

Pattern Textiles Ltd.

Tatty Devine