Arts Degree Show2016

Josephine Morris

Multi-Media Textiles

‘Floral Abstraction’: a fashion-based collection that investigates the bold colours and shapes within flowers, through the use of vibrant imagery and attention grabbing compositions.

Drawing direct reference from both real and fake flowers, my collection considers floral forms in an abstract manner whilst maintaining a vibrant colour palette. Strongly featuring digital prints, this collection combines the use of primary colours and their opposites with darker hues to create two different tones. Flashes of yellow, orange and green live edge Perspex enhance the colour palette. The colours are not only reflective of the floral imagery, but also the sports luxe theme.

Using neoprene, organza and scuba fabric has allowed me to create digital prints with a sports look, whilst the use of laser cutting, embroidery and embellishment has produced dynamic surfaces within the designs. This has lead to a unique set of fabric samples and diverse accessories, created for a unisex Spring/Summer sports luxe line. 


Placements / Work Experience:

Jenny Packham, London

Anne Kyyro Quinn, London

Tatty Devine, London